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May 2010

TEEN TIMES by Cody Chandler Hilton


May 21, 2010: The Arts Fund is pleased to announce the opening of the 2010 Teen Arts Mentorship Group Exhibition on Friday, May 21, 2010.  More than 50 oil paintings, drawings, photographs, and bronze sculptures will highlight the diverse talents of 29 high school students who participated in four mentorship programs led by local master artists Nell Campbell, Colin Gray, Pamela Larsson-Toscher, and Nevin Littlehale.   The exhibition will be held at The Arts Fund Gallery, located at 205C Santa Barbara Street, and will be on view until Friday, July 17.  A public reception will be held in the gallery on the evening of Friday, May 21 from 5:30-7:30 pm.  Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 1-5 pm.  The exhibition is free and open to the public.

For 15 years, this unique arts enrichment program has offered promising teenage artists the opportunity to work closely with local professional master artists in a studio environment.  Working in small groups of no more than 10, students receive specialized training, produce portfolio-quality work, gain insight into future careers in creative fields, and participate in a group exhibition in a professional gallery. 

            This year’s program, entitled Back to Basics, was designed to support art educators’ desire for more in-depth foundation courses for teens that are serious about pursuing advanced studies in the arts.  Two new classes were offered this year: Basic Bronze Casting, taught by Nevin Littlehale, and Figure Drawing, taught by Colin Gray.  In addition, Black and White Film Photography with Nell Campbell, and Traditional Oil Still-Life Painting with Pamela Larsson-Toscher were available.  Sessions were held in private studios and art classrooms on the campuses of Brooks Institute and Santa Barbara City College.  For ten weeks, students were immersed in instruction, evaluation, and the creative process.  The Mentorship Group Exhibition represents the culmination of students’ work in this program by introducing them to the steps involved in preparing and displaying art in a public venue.

            The 2010 Teen Arts Mentorship Exhibition will feature students from Dos Pueblos, San Marcos, Santa Barbara, San Roque, Olive Grove, Bishop High, and Carpinteria High Schools.  Participants are as follows: (Nell Campbell/Black and White Film Photography) Ben Collinson, Kalia DiIoia, Rene Dugger, Hannah Love, Autumn Ribbens, Mayela Rodriguez, Kensey Smart; (Colin Gray/Figure Drawing) Victoria Chandler, Jenna Larson, Sylvia Madhow, Meghan McAdams, Hannah Murray, Margaux Robles, Dylan Thompson, Camille Trent, Isaac Welsh; (Pamela Larsson-Toscher/Traditional Still Life Painting) Olivia Anderson, Evelyn Bobadilla, Alexandra Goodman, Lauren Hicks, Alexis Ireland, Pearl Shen; (Nevin Littlehale/Basic Bronze Casting) Jenna Baucke, Melanie Davis, Jos Gradstein, Marissa Sandoval, Angie Shen, Sabrina Sorich; (assistants) Kendall Burke, Maggie McDermut, and Julia Pulliam.

            The 2010 Teen Mentorship Program is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors, including Art Resources, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara City College, The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation, The Towbes Foundation, Robert and Christine Emmons, Margo Baker Barbakow, and Susan Bower.  For more information on the 2010 Teen Arts Mentorship Program, or other Arts Fund programs, please call The Arts Fund at (805) 965-7321. 

OCEAN OSCAR AWARDS -- Where the Fun is for Summer!

 And the Ocean Oscar Goes To ….

Awards season has ended in Hollywood, but when it comes to entertainment California has much more to offer than what is showing on the silver screen. From vast stretches of sandy beaches along the famous US Route 1 to recreational areas in bustling urban centers, California’s 278 state parks have something for everyone. And as springtime heats up, there is no better time than now for people to get outside and take advantage of these priceless public assets. The Nature Conservancy has been working with diverse partners for over 50 years to preserve California’s iconic state parks, and have protected some of the best beaches out there. Check out their top picks to soak in the surf, sand and sun.
The Nature Conservancy proudly presents (drumroll, please) the Ocean Oscar Winners:

Best Urban Retreat -
Eastshore State ParkSan Francisco Bay Area
This seashore is amidst one of the most developed areas in California. Nestled right outside San Francisco, Eastshore State Park is an urban retreat with miles of walking and biking trails and panoramic views of the bay. Tidal wetlands, marshes and sandy beaches are home to thousands of birds, delighting any naturalist or photographer.
Best Diving - Point Lobos State ReserveCarmel
Often referred to as the “crown jewel” of California’s state park system, Point Lobos State Reserve (Point of the Sea Wolves) is truly a gem. It’s one of the premiere protected dive sites on the famous Central Coast, with access at Whalers and Bluefish coves that are teeming with underwater life. You’ll only see half of this majestic reserve unless you visit this underwater realm.
But, the rest of the park is not half bad either …
Whether it’s viewing endangered archeological sites, spotting migrating whales, seals, sea lions and birds, cataloguing unique plants and rock formations, exploring hidden coves, or talking a guided walk, this park has something spectacular for everyone.
Best Surfing – Huntington State BeachOrange County
Southern California is one of the most famous places on Earth to hang ten, and Huntington State Beach is right at the epicenter offering world-class surfing and competitions. After catching some waves, you can hang out by a bonfire and watch the sun sink into the Pacific.   
This popular beach is also a nesting sanctuary for the California least tern, a rare and endangered species. The beach is also home to the threatened snowy plover. The park offers other activities, including a bicycle trail, volleyball, basketball, skating, and surf fishing.
Best Adventure - Montana de Oro State ParkSan Luis Obispo
The Conservancy worked with California State Parks to expand the magnificent Montana de Oro (Mountain of Gold), named for the golden wildflowers that carpet it every spring. People looking for solitude and freedom come to this rugged and secluded spot to get away from it all. The beaches, especially Spooner’s Cove, coastal plains, canyons and streams are the perfect backdrop to have a weekend adventure. 
Some of California’s best camping, horseback riding, hiking and fishing can be experienced here, as well as guided tours, tidal pool exploring and charming historical sites.
Best Walk on the Beach – Manchester State ParkManchester
With five miles of gentle, sandy beach stretching out towards the Point Arena Lighthouse, Manchester State Park is the perfect place to take a long stroll with someone special. The San Andreas Fault meets the sea, creating a dramatic backdrop.
This park has over 18,000 feet of ocean frontage which includes flat grassland, sand dunes, and two outstanding steelhead streams, Brush Creek and Alder Creek. Every spring coastal wildflowers dot the park, including sea pinks, poppies, lupines, baby blue eyes and blue irises. Visitors can come for the day to hike and view wildlife, or stay overnight in the campground.
Best Windsurfing - Tomales Bay State Park – Inverness
Just a short day trip from San Francisco, Tomales Bay State Park is a windsurfers’ mecca. It is ideal for riding the wind, with four gently sloping, surf-free beaches protected from unmanageable winds by Inverness Ridge. 
Tomales is the backbone of the Point Reyes Peninsula. And, the park boasts one of the finest remaining virgin groves of Bishop pine and an abundance of wildlife like foxes, bobcats, monarch butterflies, puffins and great blue heron. It is a popular place for hiking, picnicking, swimming, clamming and boating.
Best Swimming – Will Rogers State BeachLos Angeles County
Not far from the bustle of Los Angeles and just off Pacific Coast Highway, Will Rogers State Beach is recognized all over the world as an iconic California beach. It’s named after film legend Will Rogers and is where Baywatch was filmed. It is also one of the nicest beaches in California to take a dip in the ocean and bask in the sunshine on a beach towel.  
Other activities include skin diving, horseback riding, surfing, volleyball, hiking and guided tours. 
Best Beachcombing – Andrew Molera State ParkBig Sur
In the heart of magical Big Sur, Andrew Molera State Park is still relatively undeveloped and offers some of the best beachcombing in California. Natural treasures are cast up from the sea and waiting along the tide line for the adventurous to claim.  
The park, a 7 1/2–mile jewel that was first protected by the Conservancy in 1965, offers some of the state’s best of surfing, camping, fishing, hiking, and biking. Miles of trails wind along Molera Ridge through chaparral and then drop into oak woodlands, redwood groves and stands of sycamores and madrones.
Keep walking and you’ll find yourself at the beach, where the Big Sur River empties into the Pacific Ocean and the sun sets slowly into the horizon. 

Flying Fish Festival Family Fun Contesthttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103277380639&s=33824&e=001J_hBpd4Qjqbhdp0GM_uAyMwMksEjnvqoZHVfenPygazub-8IXVcDpzwvCJqwIeg1VCJFdnAxEueC59UY3n4Qr8zOhCx2y9V3-YYn9va3B0XjNafMEdqgos4TY6b1kepRkZau8QmHh7I=

In celebration of the annual return of Catalina Island's famous flying fish, Catalina announces the 3rd Annual Flying Fish Festival, June 3 - June 6, a four day festival of family fun.


E! Investigates Bullying - A National Epidemic

Every day, thousands of kids across the country are afraid to go to school thanks to an epidemic of vicious behavior among American teenagers.  It is estimated that 20% of children are victims of bullying.  These attacks come in the form of physical and verbal abuse, as well as by newer methods of harassment using cell phones and the internet.  Once thought to be just harmless teasing, the real-life effects of bullying can include prolonged depression and even suicide.  Recently, according to police, a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts hung herself after being taunted by a group of girls who posted mocking messages on their Facebook pages.  This one-hour episode sheds light on several recent stories and the tragic effects that can result from this all-too-common behavior when E! Investigates: Bullying aired April 21 at 10:00 PM ET/PT, only on E!.

By all accounts, Dylan Theno was a happy, well-adjusted boy in a small Kansas community.  But when he entered 7th grade, a few of Dylan’s fellow students began making fun of him.  For years the cruel taunts and name-calling continued. The Thenos claim they spoke with school officials on numerous occasions to no avail and they ultimately had to make the tough decision to pull Dylan from the classroom. Also in this episode, E! Investigates interviews students, parents and faculty in Calabasas, CA, to learn what really happened when red-haired kids were suddenly singled out and attacked on the infamous “Kick A Ginger Day.”  E! Investigates: Bullying explores theories of what may be causing the increasingly cruel nature of these attacks, explains how the advent of hand-held technology has given bullies powerful new weapons, and shows what schools are and aren’t doing to prevent bullying.  Finally, warning signs are identified that parents should look for if they suspect their child has become a bullying victim.

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