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            HEALTH & BEAUTY


SUMMER BEAUTY by Bonnie Carroll


     Having and Keeping Skin to Die For  


We all want to look our best, and strive to find products that really work for us to maintain beautiful looking and healthy skin. I have done a little research on some amazing products on the market and will share the facts and my personal take on what’s special about them.


The first product on my report is SELLA premium, created in South Korea by Lim Dal Myan. It is a beautifully packaged line of natural products and is now distributed in the US from a Chicago suburb. The line includes serum, soaps, lotions, masks, body soap, hand soap, hair soap, hand and food lotions and more.



Of all the products on the market this one seems to provide not only outstanding packaging, but truly natural products for those of us who have very sensitive skin and allergies. I have not used face soap since I was a teen, but they have a nano face soap that sits on a sophisticated self-adhesive fixture that looks beautiful and makes your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. The serum is equally chic and disappears into your skin to make your face glow. The silky facial essence cream is so smooth and gives the skin a visual and felt softness. The hand cream is a product I have become addicted to. It really is absorbed into dry hands and keeps them feeling silky, while giving those tired dish washing fingers a finished look. To learn about the company and all the luscious products they offer visit: www.sella.com.


My second review was done on a delightful skin care line called EGOGENICS, founded by Ann Mc Donnell. This is a woman owned company that is devoted to a pure and natural approach to skin care. They offer a complete line of beautifully packaged products including: skin cleanser, serum, micro-dermabrasion cream, mineral mask and more. The moisture crème is one of my skin product favorites. This posh light green cream is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves your face shining. Although these products are odorless, there is a clean scent or absence of scent that is pleasant.




Ecogenics also offers an efficient travel set that is perfect for women who are on the go, either for work or vacationing with their family. It contains the three basic essentials for your daily skin care, and is easy to carry through security checks in any airport. For additional information these delightful natural products please visit: www.ecogenics.comBoth Sella and Ecogenics won top skin care awards at the 2012 TasteTV Awards in Hollywood, California in February.


Last, but by no means, least is Vbeaute  This is the ultimate in sophisticated and chic packaging, combined with magnificent skin products that have been designed to address the needs of all women. Their ads are seen in the best women’s style magazines, and are used by women of taste around the world. They offer a slick violet pearl travel case which holds a collection of skin care products for traveling women. The company also offers a new line of sensitive skin care products that are currently in big demand.  For skin care and product information visit: www.vbeaute.com.



I have also become very attached to the mineral sport moisturizer by COOLA, an spf 30 sun screen product that feels, smells and works so well for me at the beach or pool. For information please visit: www.coolasuncare.com.

Women’s Health

Harvard Health Publications

Peripheral artery disease: A hidden problem in women, from the Harvard Women's Health Watch

If ever a disease deserved a new name, peripheral artery disease is it. "Peripheral" smacks of something on the sidelines. Nothing could be further from the truth. Peripheral artery disease affects at least 12 million Americans, more than heart disease and stroke combined. It kills some, maims others, and makes life disagreeable or unbearable for countless more. The condition is often overlooked or misdiagnosed in women, according to the April 2012 Harvard Women's Health Watch.

Although peripheral artery disease usually affects the legs, it can also affect the arms. Symptoms include:

· pain, cramping, or heaviness with exercise or movement that subsides with rest

· painful, cold, numb, or tingling legs or hands

· sores on the legs, feet, arms, or hands that don't heal.

Any of these symptoms warrant a closer look. Peripheral artery disease is generally diagnosed with a test called the ankle-brachial index, which compares blood pressure in the arm with blood pressure at the ankle.

Lifestyle changes are often the first step in fighting peripheral artery disease. Exercise can help open arteries and improve blood flow. Managing cholesterol and blood pressure, and not smoking, are also important. Some people with peripheral artery disease need to have bypass surgery or artery-opening angioplasty, which may include placing a stent to improve blood flow to the affected arm or leg.

Women tend to develop symptoms of peripheral artery disease in their 60s and 70s—a decade later than men. By then, women may have other conditions like arthritis or nerve damage that can mask the symptoms and delay diagnosis until the disease is fairly far advanced. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, ask your doctor if you should have a workup for peripheral artery disease. Early action can make you feel better, and keep your arms and legs functioning.

Read the full-length article: "Peripheral artery disease"

PILLOW TALK by Bonnie Carroll


We are all in search of the perfect pillow, and during 2012 I have had an opportunity to do some personal research in an attempt to get a better nights sleep. Below you will find my take on a few hot models currently available to help you get a good night sleep.




This foam sleep pillow provides a healthy way for one to get a good nights rest. Providing neck and back support, the foam pillow allows one to sleep in a manner beneficial to their health. Take a look at some the benefits of the Sleep Posture Pillow. One of our staff people tested this pillow and loved it. It seems great for people with neck and back problems or pregnant women.


1 Sleep Posture™ Pillow with 1 Custom Pillow Slip - $59.95 S/H inside USA $10.50
-Free S/H when ordering 2 or more pillows inside the USA.
- Shipping outside of the USA is a flat fee of $40.50.

Custom Pillow Slip $18.95




According to Michael J. Lindell, Inventor, Manufacturer, and President of MyPillow®, Inc. “Years ago, like you, I found myself extremely frustrated with my pillow going flat. Most pillows are designed to break down. I would wake up in the morning with a sore arm, my neck would hurt, my fingers would be numb, and I would toss and turn all night not knowing why. I tried many different pillows on the market and none of them worked. So, I started to research pillows and study sleep disorders. I was adamant about creating the world’s healthiest, most comfortable, and most durable pillow. MyPillow® uses our unique, patented medical fill that stays cool, conforms to your exact individual needs regardless of sleep position, and stays healthy for your full 10-Year Warranty. It is dust mite resistant, non-allergenic, and you can wash and dry it as easily as your favorite jeans.”


I was given a My Pillow by Mr. Lindell at a gifting show. My pillow was supposed to be for people who are side sleepers, and I tried without success to get decent nights sleep with it. It felt like it was filled with stale popcorn and although I asked for a pillow for a side sleeper, this was pillow was not the one for me. Perhaps you will have better luck. I must say that I was not tested for the right pillow, only asked how I slept (side-stomach-back), and perhaps if I was given another type of pillow that would have created a different result.  Visit: www.mypillow.com.




This pillow is a unique, scientifically tested dream for people who enjoy a cool pillow at night. For women going through menopause this is a miracle solution to hot flashes. For people who just maintain a warm body temperature it is also a great solution.

According to the professionals cooling the brain helps you fall asleep! Your circadian clock keeps your body at its warmest during the day for high-level functioning and it’s coolest during the night for dozing off. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported that a primary cause of insomnia is hyperactivity in the brain's frontal lobes at night. This activity increases the brain's temperature making it difficult to fall asleep. Cooling your head at night can help slow down this activity and allow your brain to rest. Falling asleep may simply be a matter of cooling off.

My grandson loved this pillow and is still using it. For information visit: www.polarpillow.com.

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