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A Possible Solution to Menopausal Symptoms

Angeliq will be the only hormone therapy to contain a unique projestin, drospirenone, which is also found in YASMIN, the number-one brand of oral contraceptive in the country. Numerous doctors who specialize in this subject have given their sanction to the new product. U.S. Berlex, Inc. will manufacture and market the new product. For information please visit www.Berlex.com.



To warm you up on winter mornings the Quinoa folks have delicious AltiPlano Gold instant hot cereals in a variety of delicious flavors, that offer complete nutrition in a bowl. The cereals are high in fiber, protein, and calcium. Quinoa grows in the high plains of the Andes Mountains in South America, and are called the 'Mother Grain' by the ancient Incas. The unique flavor and high nutritional value has made it a vital part of the native highlanders diet for over 5,000 years. AltiPlano Gold are members of the Organic Trade Association. For product information go to www.altiplanogold.com.



Cytomax, a long-time sport performance powder drink for competitive athletes from Cytosport Inc., is now available to the mainstream in a new ready-to-drink formula -- Cytomax Sport Drink -- with one-fifth the sugar of competitive sports drinks. Available in Wicked Orange, Furious Fruit and Citrus Blast flavor varieties, Cytomax is enhanced with complex carbohydrates and electrolytes to fuel the body during activity. For additional product information visit www.cytosport.com.


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