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New 24 Hour International Sessions for 2006

Now unlimited 24-hour access to the E-sessions, free downloads, and participation in the members' forums available at affordable prices. You can't get more transformation for less money, and with the holidays coming up, doing an E-session or two can help you enjoy being with your relatives.

There are also new E-session topics online — on trust, work/life balance, being criticized, a partner leaving you, negative people, and other common stressful topics. Some of the E-sessions are in a new transcript format, others are Windows Media files. Try both and see which is more powerful for you. I'll be adding RealAudio files in the next two weeks, and then in 2006: Flash. A lot will be happening with the E-sessions section in the next six months.

Mentalyoga.com will become an E-learning site so that people around the world can have life-changing insights from the convenience of their computers. Stay tuned. And if you like trying things before everyone knows about it, consider joining for a month at the special rate to experience E-sessions for yourself.


An amazing new supplement from doctor, Kent Mitchell, M.D. from Fort Worth, Texas, to assist teachers includes:

  • Anti-stress energizing blend of vitamins
  • Ingredients to assist mental focus
  • Lutein to maintain healthy vision
  • Four herbs selected for their ability to enhance the immune system

    For additional data please see www.teachersvitamin.com.


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