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MAY 2006

Dear Life Bites News Readers,

Welcome to our May issue, which is filled with some great travel information, from around the country and around the world. The Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas is our hotel profile this month, and will be the 'place to be' in May. Cody Hilton has a new game, and a story on a historic Hollywood family venue. We have some great gift ideas for Mom on our gift guide page, as well as an easy to prepare breakfast recipe to serve her in bed.

May is the month when we honor our mothers, and celebrate the great women who have affected our lives, and the women who have affected the lives of people throughout the world. My own mother left this plane over four years ago, but every Saturday morning I still awake expecting a phone call from her, and I am reminded of how important she was in my life. I commend my own daughters on the fine job they are doing with their children in a time when women have to be everything - mother, homemaker and breadwinner!

This issue has news from the Natural Product Expo West, with trends and new product highlights. You will find information on a variety of upcoming art exhibits and musical venues in New Mexico, as well as exciting special event coverage from Santa Barbara to Malibu. The Cannes Film Festival will attract a huge crowd of film lovers to the charming French seaside city, and we will cover the winners in our next Tinsel Town Tidbits. Look for the latest news on spring and summer family vacation spots in our upcoming issues.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoy our publication, and we welcome any editorial or advertising inquiries.


Bonnie Carroll


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