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May 2005

Letter From The Publisher

Dear Life Bites News Readers,

I wish, before all else, to welcome Benedict XVI as the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. I thank all my dear friends in Rome who shared their joyous messages with me on the day of the election, especially Isabella D'Angelo, who said "we are so happy, we have a new Papa," which expresses my feelings as well.

As you will note, this issue is dedicated to some of the women in the food, travel, health industry who devote themselves to bringing the best they have become to making others happy through their amazing talent. Our May executive chef profile is on Paola Budel, a rare Italian woman who was elevated to the top of the culinary world, and our spa story is a favorite retreat of celebrity women in Los Angeles, while our cocktail scene features favorites of the ladies who frequent the very trendy W Hotel in Los Angeles, and you will also note that many of our additional features highlight some special women of the 20th century.
Our cub reporter Cody Chandler Hilton spent some time at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and gives you a kid's eye view of a property that was the original home of the Doheny family, and is now managed by the Recreation and Parks Department of the City of Beverly Hills, a city that very recently elected councilperson Linda Briskman as its Mayor.
There are so many women chefs in Los Angeles that I have come to know and wish to honor on Mother's Day, and they include "The Two Hot Tamales" of the Border Grill, Sherry Yard of Spago, Isabelle Alexandre of Citronelle, Jennifer Naylor of Granita, and so many more than I have space to mention, but they know who they are.
Our past issues have included female authors who share their knowledge and expertise in the world of food, travel and health, and we look forward to featuring many more in the coming months. This month in our health minded section we discuss Curves, the exercise & diet program that is taking the Country by storm, and our new Tinseltown Tidbits section showcases a fun new book by Malibu celebrity hair stylist Bernie Safire, which has become a best seller at Diesel Books in Malibu. This latest entertainment news offering in Life Biters comes to you by popular demand, and has some hot tips on celebrity awards, special performances, verifiable gossip, and news on national and international film festivals.
To all the mothers who enjoy reading our online magazine I wish to say Happy Mother's Day, and to my own mother and grandmothers, who I know are in heaven, I say God Bless You for giving the best that you were to the world through your children, you have contributed to making me the woman I am and I love you for your gifts.

Warm regards,

Bonnie Carroll


© 2008 Bonnie Carroll, All Rights Reserved