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August 2006

Dear Life Bites News Readers,

The July heat wave has left us all looking forward to August, and perhaps some break in nearly unbearable weather conditions throughout the country. I don't ever remember it being so humid and warm in California, and during a recent visit to Kauai, it was surprising to discover there were no trade winds for several days and it was horribly hot on this beautiful island as well.

This month our magazine contains some interesting hotel, chef and travel news. You will find a variety of refreshing summer cocktails and special wine news on the menu, and we have added a new section called 'Sense of Style' that will be primarily devoted to art and fashion trends. Cody Hilton has some fun new games and books for his kid readers, and I have included my birds eye view of the World Soccer Cup match.

Those of you who have been faithful followers of our magazine know that I keep this publication timely and upbeat, and avoid controversy at all times. But, I must take a moment to dedicate a prayer to all the families who have perished in Lebanon during the past eighteen days. I am too shocked by this unexpected violence to comment. I can only ask you to join me in a prayer for peace.

Thank you for reading our magazine. Please feel free to contact us with any editorial comments or advertising inquiries. We appreciate your support and work to provide you with interesting and informative stories.


Bonnie Carroll


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