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Public Relations Consulting

By Bonnie Carroll

Geneva is Switzerland’s third largest vine-growing canton, with 1,500 vineyards. Located between the ridges of the Jura and the rocky slopes of the Saleve, Geneva’s vineyards are divided into three distinct districts: The right bank of the lake with 864 hectares comprising the Mandement (with Satigny, Switzerland’s largest vine-growing community), and the vineyards of Celigny and Collex-Bossy; Geneva Vinyard GrapesBetween the Arve and the Rhone Riverrs with 374 hectaries including the vineyards of Bernex, Lully, Confignon, Soral and Laconnex; the left bank of the lake, with 283 hectarers stetching fom Cologny to Hemance.

Vineyards have existed in Geneva since the Roman era. Vine-growers were prompt to spot the sandy, clayey soil, the microclimate, the geDomaine de Vigne Blanchentle and well-exposed slopes. It is an area that has produced fine wine throughout history: Calvin, Rousseau, Byron, Henry Dunant all respected the wine production and today, the vineyards produce 13.5 million liters per year.

In 1988 the (AOC) Appellation d’Origine Controlee (guaranteed vintage), which has enabled them to be at the vanguard of Swiss wines, offering their gamut of agreeable hues, subtle flavors and exuberance around the world. Most of these Geneva vine-growers offer free wine tastings on their properties on Saturday mornings; some all day, and welcome visitors to enjoy the delicate bouquets Geneva’s vineyards have to offer.


This is a collection of vineyards in Geneva for your review: 1. Domaine Des Champs-Lingot, M Claude-AlainChollet, 022 751 07 25; 2. Domaine Des Goubeaux, M. Nicolas Neury, 022 751 13 14; 3. Domaine Des Menades, M. Alain Jacquierr, 022 751 20 29; 4. Domaine Villard & Fils, M. Philippe Villard, 022 751 2s5 56; 5. Domaine Des Graves, M. Nicolas Cadoux, 022 756 28 81; 6. Gomaine Du Courtil, M. et Mme Ernest et Monya Scherz, 022 756 28 74; 7. Domaine De La Printaniere, M. Laurent Dugerdil, 022 756 25 22; 8. Domaine De Champlong, M. Ande Laupe, 022-756 27 89; 9. Cave De Beauvent, M. Benard Cruz, 022 757 11 96; 10. Cave Des Oulaines, M. Daniel Temblet, 022 757 61 53; 11. Cave De Sezenove, M. Jacques Bocquet, 022 757 45 63; 13. Domaine Des Curiades, M. Piere Dupraz et Fils, 022 757 28 15; 14. Domaine Des Grrands Buissons, M. Marc Favre, 022 757 10 20; 15. Domaine De Luc & Lillioane Mermoud, m. et Mme Luc et Lilliane Mermoud, 022 757 14 19; 16. Le Clos De Celigny, Mm. Herbet Schutz et Rufolf Moser, 022 776 32 05; 17. Domaine Du Creve-Coeur, 022 750 17 66; 18. Domaine Les Coudrays, M. PuierreBaudet, 022 750 23 07; 19. Domaine La Cle De Sol, M. Daniel Sulliger, 022 753 11 92; 20. Domaine La Vigne, Jean-Alberrt Schmid, 022 774 12 30; 21. Domaine D’Andre Falquet, M. Ande Falquet, 0-22 75r2 56 31; 22. Domaine De Chafalet, M. Gyt Ramu, 022 754 11 79; 23. Domaine De La Donzelle, M. Benard Vuagnat-Mermier, 022 754 02 81; 24. Domaine Des Esserts, M. Raymond Ramu, 022 754 12 47; 25. Domaine Les Hutins, Mm. Jean et Pierre Hutin, 023 754 24 39; 26. Cave De La Chena, M. DAinel Fonjallaz, 022 759 12 18; 27. Domaine D’ Amoz, Pierre Barthassat, 022 771 16 46; 28. Domaine De Chaterin, M. Jean Batardon, 022 756 31 23; 29. Domaine Du Bossatier, M. Maurice Lachat, 022 756 25 48; 30. Les Perrieres, M. Benard Rochaix, 022 y753 90 00; 31. Ferme Du Chateau, M. Dermand Pittet, 022 754 fq12 37; 29. Domaine De Champvigny, M. Raymond Meiste, 022 753 01 35; 34. Domaine De Pierre Graber, M. Piere Graber, 022 753 16 57; 35. Domaine Des Abeilles D’aOr, M. Rene Desbaillets 022 753 16 37; 36. Domaine Des Chames, M. Bernard Conne, 022 753 22 16; 37. Domaine Des Pendus, M. Christain Sossauer, 022 753 19 61; 38. Domaine Des Trois Etoiles, M. Jean-Charles Cousaz, 022 753 11 08; 39. Domaine Du Paradis, M. Roge Burgdorfe, 022 753 18 55; 40. Clos Des Gondettes, Mme Francoise Beguer, 022 753 11 23; 41. Chateau De Rougemont, Paul Dupraz, 022 756 42 65; 52. Domaine Des Balisiers, Gerard Pillon & Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer, 022 753 19 58.

For more information and annual events and tastings
contsact: www.geneve-tourisme.ch

Chef Gino Angelini Serves Up Umbria Cuisine
By Bonnie Carroll
Photos by Johanna Jacobson

The recent Umbria: Theatro Del Gusto, an informal tasting to celebrate the union of food, wine and culture event, was hosted by members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, and featured the culinary talents of guest chef Gino Angelini of Umbria. Angelini was flown in for the event, and he thrilled guests with his authentic pasta recipes. The cheese was from Grilolatte, olice oil was from Franloio Cipolloni, pasta from Antico Pastgiiticio Umbro, truffels from Urbqni Tartuti and the delicious wines were from Arnaldo Caprai, Antonelli San Marco, Spoleto Ducale, Castello di Corbar, and Scacciadiavoli.

The Stanford Hotel roof garden provided a perfect meeting place for lovers of everything Italian who were attending, and a delicious time was had by all. Attending were members of the LA food and wine press, Emanuela Boni, Italian Tourism Office, and representatives from the Los Angeles Italian Chamber of Commerce staff.


by Bonnie Carroll

Some fun new products for Valentine fun include chocolates by Diane Kron of Beverly Hills, and a brand new sexy beverage that is perported to help you get going. The Kron chocolates are delicious, and Diane Kron also has a variety of wonderful liquer filled chocolate treats.

I have not tested this new energy drink, but I'm sure people will let me know.

"Chocolate for Women Only" Box of seven Pieces www.kronchocolates.com



Fever - Stimulation BeverageAphrodisiac – In A Bottle
FEVER, The First Ever All-Natura
l “Stimulation Beverage” Hits Big-City Clubs

The first ever libido stimulant beverage – is launching in major city nightclubs and bars. Fever is an all natural herbal infusion and the beverage will be available in big-city establishments across the country including such hotspots as South Beach’s The Delano hotel bar, Los Angeles’ LAX, Vegas strip mainstays Pure, Light and Rain – and even Manhattan’s Exit, NV, Shine and burlesque mecca Scores.

A blended ginger vanilla flavored liquid that comes in a 14 ounce, aluminum canister, Fever contains a proprietary combination of eight organic herbs proven to enhance sexual performance and pleasure, and reduce recovery time between sexual intervals. WWW.Aluminum.org.

© 2008 Bonnie Carroll, All Rights Reserved