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You CAN Eat That!You CAN Eat That!
Awesome Food for Kids with Diabetes
By Robyn Webb, MS

(Fall 2007) Having a child with diabetes creates a 24/7 challenge for parents and caregivers that can be stressful and demanding. As difficult as insulin injections, blood tests, and medical exams can be on a child with diabetes, the fact is that providing meals and snacks everyday that are nutritious and appealing to a child’s developing taste buds poses one of the most difficult and ongoing challenges. Nutritionist Robyn Webb’s new cookbook, You CAN Eat That! Awesome Food for Kids with Diabetes (Cleveland Clinic Press; 2007) provides easy solutions with delicious recipes accompanied by beautiful photography, nutritional analysis and professional guidance that helps parents, caregivers and kids successfully live and deal with a diabetes diagnosis.

You CAN Eat That! features:

Understanding Diabetes Management for Kids

  • Carbohydrates: Friends or Foes?
  • How to Plan Meals
  • How to Prevent Low Blood Sugar
  • Awesome Recipes
  • The Lunch Box
  • After-School Snacks
  • Picnics and Parties

You’ll never have to say, “You can’t eat that!” to your kids again after you’ve tried the recipes and tips in this book. Recipes like Light as a Feather Apple Fritters, Lazy Light Lasagna Roll-Ups, Southwestern Firecracker Chicken and Super Appealing Banana Sundaes are colorful, healthy and so delicious that kids will actually love to eat foods that are truly good for them. Webb offers ideas for home, lunch boxes, after-school snacks, sweets and treats, picnics, parties and more. Living with diabetes is hard enough. You CAN Eat That! makes living with diabetes a little sweeter and easier.

About the Author

Award-winning nutritionist, cookbook author, and teacher Robyn Webb is a passionate advocate of cooking well and eating wisely. Her interest and expertise in nutrition have led to her extensive work with the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Combining culinary talents with hard scientific data, Robyn has devoted her energies to educating people with diabetes about how to facilitate the daily challenge of managing their disease through creative, healthful meal planning. She is the associate editor of the award-winning Forecast magazine published by the ADA where her column Healthy Eating is read by more than a half million people every month. Read more about Robyn Webb at http://www.RobynWebb.com.

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