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A Comfortable Option for Women Around the World

by Bonnie Carroll

The workable theme of the Curves exercise plan is that time is not wasted on cardiovascular exercise prior to using the resistance machines. Between repetitions on the machines, there is a short cardio session. This workout system for really busy people with little or no time to go to a gym will help them get into shape. For women who are dieting, and have limited time for exercise or feel uncomfortable visiting a conventional health club, Curves is the perfect option.

The first Curves opened in Texas in 1992, and the women-only fitness centers have been opening in strip malls and neighborhood shopping centers around the globe. Gary Heavin, the founder of Curves, has been helping women lose weight for three decades. His theory regarding weight loss is not permanent dieting, but a simple 30-minute workout done three times a week. The goal of the 30-minute workout is to build muscle, since more muscle means more calories burned. Dieters spend 30 seconds on each machine, working abs, legs and arms; walking or jogging in place between machine stops. The circuit is repeated as many times as the dieter is able during the 30 minute period. The eating plan offers two options: either a low-carbohydrate or low-calorie regimen. Supplements are encouraged, including multivitamin, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

The Curves diet plans are low-carb or calorie limited, and the initial two week phase is restrictive. Phase two allows 1,600 calories or 40 to 60 grams of carbs, and the third phase allows 2,500 to 3,000 calories during the maintenance phase. Eating out on this diet is fine, as long as you plan ahead and strategize to keep portions under control. Alcohol has too many calories, and is not recommended during phase one of the diet. This phase allows one or two drinks a week, and phase three permits a glass of wine or beer daily. There are no restrictions on caffeine, and the vegetarian needs to focus on a low-calorie plan, rather than the basic carb-sensitive plan that is generally implemented. Phase one of the diet takes 1 to 2 weeks; phase 2 lasts until you reach your target weight, and phase 3 as needed for maintenance.

For dieters who don’t want to visit centers, the book ‘Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting’ offers a similar at-home fitness regimen without machines. Authors Carol Colman and Gary Heavin have published this hardcover book, offering the 30-minutes-a-day, three-times-a-week approach to weight loss, based on improving muscle mass and pumping up metabolism, in order to lose those unwanted pounds. Other Curves tools include an eating guide, a quick survey to guage metabolism, and a variety of supplements. The book Curves is available in bookstores everywhere. For information go to the Curves International Home Page.

The Curves franchise in LA at Beverlywood is my favorite place to workout. This is a welcoming and fun venue, where women set goals to lose weight, increase their strength and take off inches. Curves is for women, and gives them the power to feel good about themselves. I have talked with many women who work this plan successfully, and I have seen the visible improvement in friends who made a decision to change their appearance with the Curves program. I feel very comfortable recommending the program to other women, especially those who are looking for a common sense weight loss program to follow, in a comfortable venue where time flies. For information go to info@CurvesLA.com.


© 2008 Bonnie Carroll, All Rights Reserved