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by Akasha Richmond
Story by Bonnie Carroll

Hollywood Dish, with more than 150 delicious healthy recipes from Hollywood' Chef to the stars, Akasha Richmond is a dream come true for those of us who suffer from allergies to wheat, dairy products, and shellfish. Her recipes are creative and delicious alternatives for the allergic folks, and offer such wonderful health alternative recipes for everyone. Foodies who has tastes her dishes praises her ability to make organic healthy food taste so delicious.

Pierce and Keely Brosnan, long-time healthy food afficionado's say "Akasha combines a wealth of knowledge with artistic skill and real talent to create food that nourishes body and soul as well as the taste buds!"

The book talks about health conscious stars of past and present, and includes a large collection of unique and delicious looking recipes for those who want to be stars, or just want to be healthy. Bon appetit!!
Visit their website at www.penguin.com.


The history of surfing is beautifully illustrated in this "hang ten" favorite. Surf buffs will love all the destination information on favorite places to find waves, and who was there when! www.gibbs-smith.com





The delicate and thoughtful recipes in this book will delight those who want good food that is good for their bodies. The Spa inspired book is one to collect for the very conscious dieting reader. www.gibbs-smith.com.





THE JUDGEMENT OF PARIS, The Revolutionary Era That Gave The World Impressionism
by Ross King

Chronicles the dramatic decade between two famous exhibitions: the scandalous Salon des Refusés in 1863, and the first Impressionist showing in 1874, set against the rise and dramatic fall of Napoleon III and the Second Empire, after the Franco-Prussian War. The story fo the birth and rise of Impressionism, the most popular art form in history. Walker Publishing.Info: www.walkerbooks.com.


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